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Corbusier's Hand, 2017

Object made for 15th Survival Art Review in Wroclaw. The show took place in an abandoned modernist building of Faculty Chemistry of University of Wroclaw and was focused on topics of modernistic architecture's tradition, significance of chemistry in human's life and broadly defined "stratification". Le Corbusier's Hand is designer made pitchfork shaped to resemble Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh. wood, metal, resin, 175cm

Dad's Drive, 2015

"Site-specific" video instalation prepared for 13th Survival Art Review Survival in Wrocław. The event took place in abandoned interiors of former miltia barracks and had a general title "The Prohibited Acts." My work was a cinematic improvisation, in which three adult persons acted as if they were teenagers who have just stolen a car from the father of one of them.

Humour and Humanity, 2009

"Site-specific" video instalation prepared for 7th Young Art in Extreme Conditions Reviev Survival in Wrocław. The event took place in abandoned interiors of Feature Films Studio. The building, also called The Four Domes Pavilon, is the place where many masterpieces of Polish cinema were made. The idea of my work was simple. In a dark and queit room I made a video screnenig of Charlie Chaplin receving a honorary Oscar.

The Generator of Laconic Drawings with Text, 2008

This work is a simple computer program. On user's request it displays randomly created drawings. Each composition consists of three parts: background, main theme and text. All these elemnets are provided from separate data basis. Assuming that no text is also an option, The Generator can create 1 000 000 of totally unique graphic works. Below you can find some screenshots and a video showing how the program works.